Via Mottola, s.n. 70011 Alberobello (BA)

We defended the old-time simplicity by recovering and respecting the authenticity of our traditions to the full

Welcome to the path of Happiness

Matria”: a new word to narrate an evolving world, an invitation to change, a necessity. It is the future. Matria that welcomes and comforts just like the most beloved food in the world: pasta. Pasta that feeds and nourishes bodies, souls, and cultures, before which we are all equal. And all happy.

We create traditional and filled pasta, frozen with the IQF method and dedicated to excellent catering professionals.

Stuffed with Apulia

Carefully selected cuts of meat, fine fish, traditional cheeses, fresh and healthy vegetables, and greens: we love to fill our pasta with the pillars of Apulian taste interpreted in recipes that a team of chefs creates specifically for us. Bursts of authentic flavors at every bite, reminiscent of unforgotten sensory memories. Unmistakable scents and aromas create a combination of unprecedented tastiness capable of creating symphony with every seasoning.

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